• Access to Tektónica;
  • Welcome Pack, Badge and General Information;
  • Access to VIP Lounge – Hosted Buyers;
  • Online appointment system for meetings B2B;
  • Free accommodation*
  • Flight*

* upon evaluation

The Program and participation conditions may change.

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Application Form:

    First name | Nome
    Surname | Apelido
    Job title | Cargo
    Mobile number | Número de telemóvel
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    Country | País
    Company name | Nome da empresa
    Describe your position in the company | Descreva a sua posição na empresa
    Activities of the company | Sectores de actividade da empresa
    Number of employees | Nº de empregados
    Sector of interest to your company | Sector de Interesse

    Flooring, CoveringEnergy EfficiencyMaterials, Machinary and Equipment

    What is your main reason to attend TEKTÓNICA? | Qual principal razão da sua visita à TEKTÓNICA?